Thursday, January 25, 2007

My First Post

Growing up I was very active and involved in sports (football, basketball, baseball, etc...) In fact, I played semipro football until my 2nd daughter was born (time to align my priorities). Since then, I had truly become a desk jockey and packed on the pounds. In January 2006, at the age of 33, I was weighing over 340 lbs.

My wife and I decided it was time to for us both to make a life change and joined a weight loss program. We set short-term goals to keep ourselves motivated and made family members and friends aware of our goals (to keep us honest). My first goal was to lose 40 lbs for our summer vacation in Hawaii. By June I had lost 50 lbs. Hawaii was a great short-term goal, but I needed something else to keep me motivated so I would continue down this weight loss path. In September 2006, I decided I wanted to complete a half-marathon so I found a training program and began right away. I am happy to say that I just completed my first half-marathon a couple of weeks ago. In the process of training, I lost an additional 30 lbs and was really enjoying myself. So much so, that I plan on running my second half-marathon on Super Bowl Sunday.

Today I weigh 260 lbs and feeling really good about myself. But, I still have a long-term weight loss goal that I’m working on, so I will be training for my first marathon to be run in 12/07 or 1/08. I'm not sure how far this journey will take me, but David Fiduccia, "Ironman Finisher" has a nice ring to it.


TriShannon said...

Great job on finishing your first half! Good luck with your weight loss and full marathon goals. I look forward to following your journey!

Duane said...

Hey David! Good job on the 1/2 marathon, which one did you do? I look forward to following along with your progress!

Judy said...

Good Job Dave!! I guess tomorrow is the second half. Zach and I will be cheering you on from Oregon! - Judy and Zach

iron-mark said...

Congrats on the 1/2. Welcome to blogging!